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The web provides links to millions of pieces of information that can help wellness professionals design and implement successful programs.  You already know and use sites like WELCOA, Partnership for Prevention, National Business Group on Health or American Journal of Health Promotion, so we will be concentrating on providing lesser known sites we have found helpful in our programming.
Below you will find we have divided these sites by programming areas.  As we discover new sites we will add them to the appropriate areas.  If you discover helpful sites please let us know through an email and we will add them to the lists so they can be shared with other programmers.

Happy Information Hunting - Bill and MaryBeth

Worksite Economic / ROI

Alcohol Cost Calculator

George Washington University Medical Center calculators for determining the economic consequences of alcohol and ways to reduce costs by addressing your employees' needs. 

ROI Calculator - WellSteps (Aldana & Adams) 

Estimates costs of obesity and tobacco on worksites and provides impact of successful worksite programming.

Diabetes at Work

Making the business case for diabetes at work programs and diabetes resources in English and Spanish. 

Nutrition / Weight Management

Nutrition. Gov

Providing easy, online access to government information on food and human nutrition for consumers. A service of the National Agricultural Library, USDA.
Offers between 22 different diet plans to help your employees learn how to manage their body weights. 

Real Age - Dr. Roizen & Dr. Oz

This site has lots of good information for your participants that can help them better understand aging and health and the daily choices they make each day.

Physical Activity / Fitness

CDC Physical Activity

A good site to send your participants to for information on physical activity choices and also tools for health professionals.

Physical Activity Cost Calculator

An easy-to-use tool that can provide an estimate of the financial cost of physically inactive people to a particular community, city, state or business.

Walking Info.org - A US Dept of Transportation Site

Walking basics and soluitons and the CDC walkability audit tool.

Stress Management / Meditation / Relaxation

Depression Calculator

The Productivity Impact Model (PI Model) can help estimate the cost of depression to your company, and can also project the benefits when depressed employees receive treatment.

NIOSH - Stress at Work

NIOSH established an interdisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners from industry, labor, and academia to develop a national research agenda on the work and stress.  This site is somewhat outdated, but has some good materials and tools. 

Tobacco Cessation

The Business Case for Tobacco Cessation - ROI Calculator

This site is recommended by CDC and presents the business case for smoking cessation. The information is designed primarily for use by health insurance plans. However employers, purchasers, and health benefits managers can also gain valuable insight into the economic advantages of a range of smoking cessation programs.

Implementing a Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative in Your Workplace

This CDC toolkit provides guidance for implementing a tobacco-free campus (TFC) initiative that includes a policy and comprehensive cessation services for employees.

Office of the Surgeon General - You Can Quit Smoking Now

The offical tobacco site for the Surgeon General with information and updates concerning tobacco cessation and many PDF's of materials to be downloaded to be used in your cessation efforts. 

Women's Health . Gov - Smoking & How to Quit

A good site with many practical tools you can immediately use and also a Spanish version is available.

Work Life / Parenting

Work-Life Human Capital Solutions

Since 1984, WFC Resources (formerly Work & Family Connection) has been working to help employers create a workplace that's both supportive and effective.

Work-Life Balance in Canadian Worksite

This website has been created to help organizations design and implement supportive programs and policies facilitating work-life balance.

Canada's National Occupational Health & Safety Resource

Lots of good links to wellness, health promotion and psychosocial materials that can be used in worksite programming.


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