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Wellness Coaching

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Testimony - "MaryBeth is a dynamic and energetic wellness coach!  Over the six months that she worked with me, I made great strides in my personal wellness and the best part was that I made changes not only to my wellness, but the way I approached change."


Why Use a Wellness Coach?

Looking for more daily energy or maybe tired of being unsuccessful at lifestyle change? Have you been trying to improve your nutrition, better manage your weight or your stress? Still dreaming about being fit, or not having to deal with a cigarette habit that has you pushed off to the sidewalk?

We use collaborative techniques to identify health and well-being goals and direction. Together, we will identify the small steps that will build on your strengths, identify your roadblocks, and explore possibilities for growing skills and habits to ensure success.

The core of wellness coaching consists of co-created solutions that ensure clients overcome inertia, trigger their own motivation, harness their self-accountability, and take small, gradual steps that lead them toward reaching their own wellness vision.

Over the last six years MaryBeth and William have been building coaching techniques for clients that facilitate change, grow knowledge & skills, and connect clients with the right resources in a variety of lifestyle change areas.

Wellness-Without-Walls has worked with thousands of clients through individual and group coaching. Contact us  and take your next steps to lasting change on the path to wellness. 713-526-6862, marybethbaun@wellness-without-walls.com

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching has emerged as the innovative model for successful health behavior change by providing facilitation, support and partnership. Wellness coaches facilitate lasting lifestyle change through motivational interactions with individuals and groups. By using effective approaches and methods of motivational engagement, rather than focusing on what is wrong, coaches can be highly effective in empowering employees to achieve the next level of wellness. Wellness coaching can improve employee and family member health and wellness, enhance the relationship between an organization and the employee and produce cost savings important to both the individual and the organization.

Wellness professionals have many tools that enhance employee health and wellbeing and none is more powerful in skilled hands than wellness coaching. Quality coaching is not the same as mentoring, counseling, teaching, leading or giving advice. In wellness coaching, client and coach co-create ways to achieve the wellness aspirations and goals identified by the client. Coaching utilizes engagement strategies that facilitate the opportunity for clients to use their own best thinking and decision-making. The process allows the coachee to examine and weigh their choices more deeply, and take small steps, one at a time, each step informing the next.

Coaches come from a position of unconditional positive regard and work with what is most important and valued by the client. Motivational Interviewing, Stages of Change and Appreciative Inquiry blend to create a conversation of inquiry and exploration in which clients answer powerful questions that lead them to think deeply and commit to and follow through on lasting lifestyle behavior change. The coach facilitates these steps within a framework that respects the client’s autonomy, is non-judgmental, non-authoritative, and comes from an attitude of respect, acceptance and empathy. Masterful coaching is a graceful intuitive dance moved forward by nuance and fluid steps.

A Wellness Coach Will Facilitate:
  • Stress resilience
  • Stress management & relaxation
  • Learning what it takes to better manage body weight
  • Learning what it takes to better manage your blood pressure
  • Learning what it takes to better manage your diabetes
  • Learning what it takes to better manage your cholesterol
  • Fitting in fitness
  • Finding joy
  • Getting back to you after a major set back
  • Getting "unstuck" in your goals
  • Living the life to which you aspire

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