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Wellness-Without-Walls' mission is to work with individuals and companies to provide cost-effective worksite wellness programming that maximizes engagement, impact and success. 

Senior partners MaryBeth and William Baun are a seasoned team with combined 60+ years worksite health and wellbeing professional experience, who match services to your organization’s situations and culture, to provide: 


- Wellness Coaching and Wellness Coach Training in Health Care, Corporate, and Community Settings
- E-Communication Tools and Services
- Telephonic Coaching and Consulting
- Innovative Engagement Methods that "fit" your organization's culture
- Creative and Effective (Evidence-Based) Programs
Workshops, Seminars and Training
- Individual and Group Wellness Coaching
Health & Wellbeing Keynotes
- Facilitation of Strategic Planning Sessions
Wellness Supporting Environments and Self-Care Cultures
Methods to Integrate with Existing Settings, Programs and Departments
Creative, Tailored Solutions

Worksite wellness is the Baun team's life passion, and they serve in leadership positions in many global and local wellness organizations. Their partners and associates expand the firm's reach and scalability.


Google MaryBeth or William Baun - Check out their expertise.

In ancient mythology, the butterfly stands for wisdom and everlasting knowledge - The Greeks linked butterflies to the human soul.
The Bauns offer you the wisdom of their wellness journey.
At Wellness-Without-Walls, we believe that every worksite should be able to offer wellness to their employees, and that to be effective, programs should:
  • be affordable & accessible
  • be easy to administrate & maintain
  • engage/support individuals & teams in behavior change
  • shift worksite and community cultures to value health & well-being
  • deliver both short & long-term bottom-line results
  • track & provide appropriate stakeholder reports
  • be built on the industry's best practices, whicih are determined base don scientific evidence and extensive professional experience. 

We believe that any size company or work environment can successfully implement wellness programming, and we can help by sharing the tips & tools of 50 years of successful wellness programming.  Interested?  Check out About Us  or go straight to Wellness Services  to see the many varied ways we can help you grow your wellness skills or expand wellness within your company! 

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